XR Hacks

Extended innovation in extended reality

Oct 22 - Oct 27 2022

Be a mentor or a judge!

About XR Hacks

XR Hacks aims to encourage attendees to consider real world issues while constructing their projjects. Our hackathon will focus on environmental issues, and our project categories will include water conservation, energy conservation, and more.

Participants will be put into teams of 4 and will decide on a question they want to tackle using a project. They will then spend the next ~1 week coding the project and creating a presentation which will be shown to the judges. They will have the opportunity to submit it into several hackathon categories which will be announced after School in person on Friday.

Create something amazing

Competitors don't need to have any prior coding experience in order to participate. The hackathon is a great learning and networking opportunity.


Saturday Oct 22nd (Start)

Check in

Keynote Speaker

Team Formation

Start Hacking


Networking Workshop


Intro to Unity Workshop

Intro to Javascript Workshop

Intro to VR Applications Workshop

Submit Projects to Devpost

Winners Announced + Chance to pick up cool swag!


In Progress


Mitali Mittal

Aniket Chaudhry

Swastik Patel

Lead Directors

Andrew Yu

Lead Website Manager

Surya Duraivenkatesh


Aarushi Kodipyaka



Do I have to pay for anything during the hackathon?

Only the entry fee which is $5. In return, you will get tons of swag and a chance to win hundreds of dollars worth in prizes!

What should I bring to a hackathon?

Computer (optional) and yourself.

What will I get out of the hackathon?

You will get a chance to win awesome prizes, get hackathon swag, network with professionals, and get scouted by companies.

Do I need a team?

Nope, you don't need a team to register or participate in XR Hacks, but hackathons are always more fun with teammates! You can team up with up to four members.

How are winners selected?

The projects that are judged to have the most important impact in the given category and the projects that are most relevant will be chosen as winners.

Other Questions?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!